As of now, we, TheBitz420 have closed down and finished operations.

We provided the most efficient, honest and fair service that there has ever been in this field. And along with our honesty and integrity, we are leaving on the same note with a friendly fairwell. We never done one customer wrong, every order ever made was fulfilled and we never went missing. We have made many good friends here. TheBitz420 will be remembered for our reputation!

We hope you can continue to get your products safely elsewhere, but please be as careful as possible as there are many scams out there and possible exit scams. (We are the one in a million who are leaving honestly)

To all our customers, there's nothing to worry about, this decision has been made 100% by us and is not due to any outside influence or problems, so please don't start conspiracies we want to leave on a positive note with everyone๐Ÿ’š

Anything you see online from this point on regarding TheBitz420 will be a scam unless stated here or telegram.

And we would like to thank everyone for the kind words it means a lot, we are overwhelmed with everyone's messages. Our community is the best.

We really hope the outdated laws will be updated sooner rather than later and the beautiful flower will be legalized.

Goodbye our fellow flower lovers, it's been a pleasure. Big love for everyone.

If anyone wants help with a start up in this field reach out to us we can help with everything.
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